Lecture Series by Samaniji

Lecture Series by Samaniji

Friday, December 16th & Saturday, December 17

Samani Jin Pragyaji and Samani Kshanti Pragyaji will be giving discourses for JSMC members starting Friday, Dec 16th thru Sunday, Dec 18th, please see below for topics & timings. They have been initiated as Samani from Jain Vishwa Bharti, Ladnun, Rajasthan India. Their field of Specialization includes Jain Agamas & philosophy, Preksha Meditation, Tattvagyan and children's Gyanshala, and many more.


 For the last 28 years Samani Jin Pragyaji and for the last 10 years, Samani Kshanti Pragyaji have been spreading the message of Bhagawän’s preaching. They are currently conducting daily svädhyäya in Orlando, FL. JVB’s main goal is to teach Jain studies and human life science enhancement activities to all Jains here in America where most of us look for spiritual uplift and think about Jainism for our coming generations.