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Going forward RSVP is required for all the members planning to have a meal at JSMC. RSVP will be open until the evening before the event. Click here to RSVP.
  • RSVP is for everyone
  • For Pathshala days, Teachers and registered Pathshala Students will get Lunch Token from their respective classes, as usual
  • For others – if you have done RSVP, you will pay $2 (as before) as a donation, but if you missed to RSVP, you will pay $4 for Lunch Token as a donation

Upcoming Events
Pat Darshan Thursday, Nov 6 to Sunday, Nov 9    
Pat Darshan will be open between Thursday, Nov 6 to Sunday, Nov 9. Laddu and Ganthia Prabhavana will be available. Please pick one per person, only.

We have received sponsorship of $1,001 from Hemant & Lina Shah, Sanjay & Anisha Shah, and Vipul & Reshma Shah. Additional sponsorship are welcome. Please contact any of the committee members, if you are interested.

Diwali Musical Treat for JSMC Youth Friday, Nov 7     
RSVP Online       For more details click here
We are excited to celebrate Diwali with JSMC Youth.  Youth between the age of9 and 18 are invited to attend Diwali Musical Treat.   We are planning Dinner, Garba/Raas and Bollywood dancing with a DJ.  

Please see few logistics for the evening:
  • This is a youth only so parents are advised to drop off kids by 6 pm for check in.
  • Pay $5 per child when you arrive at the check-in
  • Adults will not be able to attend, but if you would like to join for the dinner while you drop off your kids, dinner will be available for $3 (you pay at the table).
  • Please be sure to check your child in and out.  You will need to provide a phone number of where you can be reached
  • Dinner will be from 6:30 pm - 7:00 pm.  Please arrive early to check in.
  • Please pick your child up by 9:30 pm. There will be no one in the temple after 10pm.
For questions, please contact Dimple Shah at 630-272-5064.

Param Krupaludev Janma Jayanti Nov 9, Sunday at 2pm to 5pm    
Param Krupaludev Janma Jayanti will be celebrated in Main Prayer hall on November 9th, from 2:00pm to 5:00pm, followed by Swamivatsalya, sponsored by Shri Parasbhai Patel.

For additional Info., please  call Ramesh Desai (847)909-3254 or Raju Shah (847)529-4385

Events for the Year 2014

Upcoming Events
Nov 5 Chaumasi Chaudad Pratikraman at 6:30pm
Nov 6 to 9 Pat Darshan
Nov 7 Diwali Musical Treat for JSMC Youth (RSVP Online)
Nov 9 Param Krupaludev Janma Jayanti at 2pm to 5pm
Dec 2 to 8 Rajpad Shibir (stay tuned for more info)

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