Day 1 - 25th Anniversary

25th Temple Anniversary Celebration - Day 1

5:30pm to 7pm


7pm to 7:15pm


7:15pm to 7:30pm

Mangal Deep with Sanghpati

7:30pm to 8pm

Blessings from Dignitaries

8pm to 9pm

Keynote by Shri Kumarpal B. Desai

Topic: જૈન ધર્મ છે વિશ્વધર્મ

9pm to 9:30pm

Exhibition Inauguration - ધ્યાન મંદીર

Theme - Dhyän: An Inward Journey

ધ્યાન: આંતર યાત્રા

सोहं चिन्मात्रमेवेति, चिंतनं ध्यानमुच्यते

તે હું ચિન્માત્ર છું એવું ચિંતન ધ્યાન કહેવાય છે.

This exhibition is an artistic representation of various aspects of meditation to remind us to look inward. Some original paintings by Mrs. Alpa Palakhiwala (studied applied art at C.N College of Fine Arts, Amdavad India), artworks by two of our volunteer artists, and beautiful canvas posters will make insightful statement about spiritual journey through meditation. Serene ambiance of this unique exhibition will be your memorable and divine experience. 

9:30pm to 10:30pm

Vadhamana with Raas-Garba