Day 2 - 25th Anniversary

25th Temple Anniversary Celebration - Day 2

7:30am to 9:00am


8am to 10:30am

Abhishek with Shri Charukirthi Bhattarakji and Dr. Shri Sanjivji Godha

10:45am to 12pm

Giriraj Vadhamana - Bhakti and Inauguration of Giriraj

Giriraj Vadhamana Sponsorship Opportunity

12pm to 1:30pm


1:30pm to 4:30pm

Shri Navakar Mantra Poojan by Shri Hiteshbhai Shah

The greatest mantra of all is Shri Navkar Mahamantra has 9 Pad, 8 sampada and 68 letters. A poojan of this Maha Mantra has been arranged on June 23 starting at 1:30 PM conducted by Shri Hiteshbhai Shah and music by Aashishbhai Mehta & group. Nakro of the 7 Main Pithika is $725 (Only 4 left) and 50 Small Pithikas is $125 (Only 40 left).

Click here to reserve your spot

1:30pm to 4pm

Youth Session with Shri Dipakbhai Shah*#

4:30pm to 5pm

Saraswatidevi Darshnik Pratimaji Dedication

5pm to 5:30pm

Gallery Inauguration

Bhagawän Mahävir: Life to Liberation

શ્રી શ્રમણ ભગવાન મહાવીર : જીવનથી મુક્તિની કથા

Based on famous painting by Gokuldas Kapadia, this picture gallery will depict the life story of Bhagawän Mahävir-swämi. It will tell the story of rise and fall of the Noble Soul that ultimately attained a highest spiritual goal of existence, Arihanta Pada. These beautiful color pictures will take you back twenty-six hundred years and inspire us to  put forth our effort for spiritual progress.

5:30pm to 7pm


7pm to 7:30pm

Mangal Deep with Chief Guest & Dignitaries

7:30pm to 8:30pm

Pravachan by Shri Jinchandraji

Topic: Saraswati Sadhana

8:30pm to 8:45pm


8:45pm to 10:30pm

Play - Sheth Motisha