Smt. Rupaben Shah Discourses

Swadhyaya with Smt Rupaben Shah - Sat, Aug 25 to Tue, Aug 28

Smt. Rupaben is not new to JSMC. Having done Gyan Prabhavna during Chaitra Maas Ayambil Oli in 2016 and last yerar. We are pleased to have her back again this here for a series of Swadhyaya. Here is tentative schedule:




Saturday August 25th

10-00 A.M  to 12 -00 Noon

સમાધિ મરણ ભાવ યાત્રા

Sunday August   26th

09-30 A.M to 12-30 P.M.

(with Tea break in middle)

વિમલનાથ ચારિત્ર કથા અષ્ટ પ્રવચન માતા

Monday August   27th

8-00 P.M. to 9-30 P.M

ધનદ કથા—શાંતિનાથ ભગવાન ચારિત્ર

Tuesday  August 28th

8-00 P.M. to 9-30 P.M

સિદ્ધચક્ર પૂજન રહસ્ય

Please contact education secretary for more details.