Ayambil Oli

Aaso Maas Ayambil Oli - October 16 to 25
We are blessed to have two Samanijis from Jain Vishwa Bharti visiting us during the Aaso Maas Ayambil Oli Aradhana. Find below a brief introduction of the two Samanijis. If you are planning to do Ayambil at temple then please RSVP today for better preparations.
Samani Malay Pragyaji is no stranger to JSMC. She gave us her blessings by gracing our 25th Anniversary Celebrations. Born in Orissa India in 1970, she was initiated as Samaniji in 1992. She hold M.A. in Prakrit and B.A. in Jainism and other philosophical systems. Having conducted 100’s of camps in Preksha Meditation, Science of living and Anuvrat she is a highly respected teacher of Jain Vishwa Bharti university. She is well travelled in the world and has participated as speaker in many international conferences.
Samani Neeti Pragyaji too blessed us during our 25th anniversary celebrations. Born in Assam India she was initiated as Samaniji in 2010. She holds M.A. in Jainology and comparative religion and philosophy. She is disciple of H.H. Acharya Shri Mahashramanji. She is an expert in Yoga, Meditation and has conducted many camps in the area of Jain Philosophy, Value Development, Personality Development, Time Management and so on.
JSMC thanks Anonymous donor for sponsoring  entire Ayambil Oli.
Please find below tentative schedule of Ayambil Oli Lectures.


Day & Date 



Oli Morning Sessions 

Tue, Oct 16th to Wed, Oct 24th  

9:45am to 10:25am 

Laghu Siddhachakra Poojan 

10:30am to 12:00pm 

Samani Neeti Pragya - Discourses on Nava-Pada  

Samani Malay Pragya - Understanding Gunasthänak   

12:00pm to 1:30pm 

Daily Ayambil 

Oli Evening Sessions 

Tue, Oct 16th to Wed, Oct 24th  

8:00pm to 9:30pm 

All evening sessions will be preceded by 10 minutes of Prekshä Meditation 

Samani Neeti Pragya - Discourses on 18 Päpsthänak 

Samani Malay Pragya – various topics – one for each day: 

  1. Know yourself 
  1. Transform yourself 
  1. 7 power of conscious discipline 
  1. How to nurture your relationship 
  1. Science of happiness 
  1. Freedom from sorrow 
  1. Expose your inner hidden facts 
  1. Be aware of four things 
  1. Road to happiness after 50 

Special Youth Session in English 

Fri, Oct 19th  

8:00pm to 9:00pm 

Samani Neeti Pragya – Special Youth session in English   “A Journey from__to__” 

Sat, Oct 20th  

11:00am to 12:00pm 

Samani Neeti Pragya – Special Youth session in English – “Art of Communication” 

Sun, Oct 21st 

11:00am to 12:30pm 

Samani Neeti Pragya – Special Youth session in English For Level 4, 5, & 6 Pathshala – “How to make life right”