Shree Parshwanath Bhagwan Janma kalyanak

Parshwanath Janma Kalyanak (Posh Dashmi) Vrat
(Friday, Dec 20 to Sunday, Dec 22)
Parshwanath Bhagawan's Kalyaanaks will be celebrated from Sat, Sun 21 to Sun, Dec 22. As part of this Celebrations we will be having Parshwanath Bhagwan Jaap at 10:30 AM followed by Bhagya Bhakti Ekasana. See below for more details.
During these three days, one can do Ekasana with Sugared Water, Khir, Attham (three days Fast) or Ayambils. In addition, one can also do 12 Swastiks, 12 Khamasanas, 12 Loggasa Kayotsarg and 20 Navakarwalis of "Aum Rhim Shrim Shree Parshwanathaya Namah".
Bhagya Bhakti Ekasana
For the first time every on Sunday, Dec 22nd JSMC will be arranging a unique way of doing Ekasana - Bhagya Bhakti Ekasana.  All Tapasvis interested in doing Ekasana at the temple are requested to RSVP online. We will continue with Ekasna ONLY if we receive 20 or more RSVP.
Details about Bhagya Bhakti Ekasana
  • A person doing Ekasana must bring food for one person – Limit only 7 items please
  • Give you Bag/Tiffin to the volunteer who will assign a number. A copy of this number will be placed in a basket
  • Before beginning Ekasana everyone will pick one number from the basket – whatever number comes in your “Bhagya” you will take that Bag/Tiffin for your Ekasana
  • For some reason if you forgotten to bring your tiffin, don’t worry JSMC will make arrangement for you to do Ekasana. 
On this auspicious occasion JSMC welcomes sponsorship of $301, multiple families can participate.
To sponsor or for more information Please contact any committee member.