Striking Balance - A workshop on examining our lives

Striking Balance - A workshop on examining our lives
(Fri, Apr 5 to Sun, Apr 7)
JSMC Presents in collaboration with JAINA Education Board a workshop on STRIKING BALANCE - EXAMINING Social, Cultural, and Spiritual environment that we face while living in North America. The workshop, led by Shri Pravin K. Shah Chairperson of JAINA Education Committee, leads you to a discovery of Jainism beyond religious identification. We will discuss fundamentals that can be easily applied in our daily life. It employs interactive method of Learning including debates and discussions. The entire workshop will be conducted in English with expert comments in Hindi/Gujarati.
JSMC Thanks
  • Dr. Pradip & Darshana Shah family for sponsoring Day 2 Lunch
  • Anonymous Donor family for sponsoring Pathshala Teacher's Registration Fees
For more information please contact Education Secretary