Shri Sidhdhachakra Maha Poojan

Shri Sidhdhachakra Maha Poojan - Sat, June 29 @12:39pm
Worship of Shri Siddhachakra is the essence of Jain Dharma. Guru Gautam swami himself has explained importance of Shree Siddhachakra where we worship Pancha Paramesthi along with the four components of religion - right faith, right knowledge, right conduct, and right penance. These nine entities can bestow utmost good, worldly as well spiritually. It has power to purify the soul and ultimately lead to Moksha. In this era Shripäl and Mayanä by worshiping Siddhachakra fulfilled worldly desires as well as spiritual progress.
This auspicious poojan once again is arranged in Chicago sangha. Shri Niravbhai Sanghvi will conduct the Poojan. Fixed pledge for main Pithika is $351 (only five available) and small Pithika is only $75. Click the button below to register your Pithika.