Drive Through Tapasvi Bahuman

Drive Through Tapasvi Bahuman
Saturday, Sept. 19th, 2020 @10:30AM
We hope all Tapasvis are in Good Saata. Your Tap bal strenghthens our entire sangh. This year to continue our spirit of celebrating Tapasyas our volunteers have planned for a unique Drive through Tapasvi Bahuman. 
All Tapasvis are requested to sign up for a time slot below. On Saturday, come to temple at your designated time and give us the Laabh to do Anumodna of your Tapasya. As you enter our temple premise our Volunteers will direct you through the entire process.
Sponsor the entire Day Long Tapasvi Bahuman Celebration for just $3006 (Up to 3 families OR Group can participate). 
Additional Sponsorship available for $1008 per family OR Group
Only sponsor Laabharthi family will be able to do Bahuman of Tapasvis in person. Stay tuned for more info in the upcoming emails.
We request all Tapasvis to help us in celebrating a beautiful evening of Bhakti Sangeet by providing 2 pictures of your Tapasya. Please click on the link below to submit your pictures. Also, please reserve your time slot for Drive thorough Tapasvi Bahuman.