JSMC Diwali Celebrations - 2020

JSMC Diwali Celebrations
Novermber 13th - 16th
Diwali the festival of light is round the corner. Like this festival of light let us also enlighten our inner self. We have scaled down programs because of current condition, but we will celebrate Diwali with safety in the mind. Each Laabharthi can bring upto 4 members of their family. Let's enjoy Diwali!!!
Please find below tentative schedule, stay tuned for more info in the upcoming emails.
JSMC Thanks following sponsors for Diwali programs
  • Dr. Chandrakant & Devyani Shah family sponsoring Mulnayak Bhagwan Astha Prakari pooja
  • Himanshu & Hema Jain family sponsoring main Nirvan Ladoo
  • Ramesh & Surekha Parekh family sponsoring Snatra Pooja
Following Sponsorship Opportunities are available for the Diwali Programs.
Any questions, contact EC or BOT Member