JSMC India Covid-19 Donation Drive

JSMC India Covid-19 Donation Drive
To Support the Pandemic impacted families JSMC is conducting donation drive. Under these conditions, it is our duty (Kartavya) to help those who need it ungertly.
We are happy to share that JSMC has already donated towards this cause to the Indian originations listed below. The donation was given from previously received Covid-19 relief fund.
  1. Vardhmaan Sanskaar Dham
  2. Jain Alert Group
  3. Shrimad Rajchandra Love & Care
This current drive will also support the work done by above three originations. These organizations are approved by the Indian Government to receive foreign funds and are FCRA approved. In the current crisis, these organizations have been very active in supporting Saadharmiks by providing various services such as hospitalizations, Oxygen, financial support, etc.
This is once in a lifetime opportunity for all of us to pay off the debt (ઋણ) to the universe while we are able to. All donations received will be eligible for a tax deduction. In addition, "DOUBLE YOUR DONATION, CHECK WITH YOUR EMPLOYER FOR COMPANY MATCHING"
Please pay your donations either via,
  • JSMC Website, click here. Please mark this to be a "Other Donation" and add a note of "Covid-19 Support in India" or
  • Write a check payable to "JSMC" with a note of "Covid-19 Support in India"
Please note that JSMC will not able to fulfill individual preferences to send donations to a particular organization.
In addition to the above-listed organizations, you can directly send your contribution to the below organizations.
  1. Jaina (JAINA-JainLink
  2. JEET (https://www.jeetindia.org/)
  3. Samast Mahajan (http://www.samastmahajan.org/)
  4. Parasadham (https://parasdham.org/)
  5. Giveindia (https://covid.giveindia.org/)
  6. Ketto (https://covid19.ketto.org/)
If there are any questions, please contact any of the committee members.