28th Derasar Anniversary

28th Derasar Anniversary
Friday, June 25th thru Sunday, June 27th
JSMC is pleased to invite you with your families and friends to celebrate our Derasar's 28th anniversary with Dhwaja Ceremony, 18 Abhishek, Digambar pooja and other exciting programs. See below for Tentative Program outlines.
We are happy to announce that Shri Narendrabhai Koradia will Join via zoom for our 28th Anniversary. Our members needs no introduction of Shri Narendrabhai. Shri Narendrabhai known as guruji of Jain Gyanshala at Nakhodaji Tirth in Rajasthan, Inida. He has about 200 students from al over India, Guruji teaches students and Maharaj Sahebs from all sanghadas. He has vast knowledge of Jain Agams and the languages these are written in, primarily Prakrit and Sanskrit. Jain scripts he has studied and explained will make a big list, but a few of these are: Navsmaran, Four Prakaran, Three Bhashya, Six Karmgranth, Brahit Sngrahani, Shri Tatvarthadhigam Sutra, Gyansar, and many more. His achievements are many, but ones that strikes the most are that 78 students of Gyanshala adopted the path of sanyam diksha and at present are spreading the words of Jainism in different corners of India as Jain Sadhus, and publications of mahapujan books including Karm Granth, Parkaran and Bhashya. Guruji has visited number of foreign countries including visiting our sangh many times.
Shree Mahavir swami Panch Kalyanak Pooja
Saturday, June26, 2021 @ 2pm - 5pm
We are inviting you and your family to join Panch Kalyanak pooja during our derashar 28th anniversary. We have created unique opportunities for you to join pooja.
Five Kalyänak (Auspicious Events) 
Kalyänak are the five major auspicious events in the life of a Tirthankar. 
This is the event when a Tirthankar’s soul leaves its previous body and is conceived in the mother’s womb on earth. 
When a Tirthankar is born, heavenly gods, due to their utter respect and devotion to the Tirthankar, come down to the earth to celebrate. 
This is the event when the Tirthankar gives up all his/her worldly possessions and becomes a monk/nun. When a Tirthankar renounces the worldly life, he attains Manah-paryäya Jnän (telepathy), the fourth type of knowledge. 
This is the event when a Tirthankar attains omniscience when he completely eradicates four kinds of defiling Karmas, known as Ghäti Karma. This is the most important event for the entire Jain Sangha as the Tirthankar reestablishes Jain Sangha and preaches the path of purification and liberation. 
This is the event when a Tirthankar’s soul is liberated from this physical existence and becomes a Siddha. Now the soul of a Tirthankar is free from the endless cycles of birth, death, and re-birth. 
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JSMC Thanks
  • Naina B. Shah family for sponsoring Saturday Navkarsi.
  • Dr. Niranjana & Akshay Shah family for sponsoring Saturday afternoon Swamivatsalya
  • Vasant & Charumati Shah family for sponsoring Sunday Navkarsi.
  • Prabhodh & Dr. Lata Vaidya family, Dr. Parag & Dulari Doshi, and Dr. Pradip & Darshana Shah family sponsoring Sunday afternoon swamivatsalya.