Aaso Maas Ayambil Oli - 2021

Aaso Maas Ayambil Oli
Tuesday, October 12 thru Wednesday, October 20, 2021
JSMC is honored to have Dr. Harshbhai Dedhia during Ayambil Oli Aaradhana. Harshbhai needs no introduction to our members. He conducted 108 Parshwanath Anushthan in January 2021. He did Ph.D. in Jain Philosophy. He stepped into the spiritual world at the early age of 9 years, under the guidance of famous Navkar Saadhak Shri Jayantbhai Rahi.
Dr. Dedhia has done many Paryushan, poojan, Navkaar Jaap Anushthaan, Parshva Padmavati Poojan, 18 Abhishek & Dhwaja Mahotsav and many Havan–Poojan.
Daily Laghu Siddhachakra poojan has been arranged during Ayambil Oli from 10 to 10:45 am, all members are invited to join us for the poojan. There is no Nakro for this poojan.
JSMC Thanks
  • Jayendra & Leena Shah and Tejal Shah family sponsoring Full Ayambil Oli and Ayambil Oli Parna
  • Jagdish & Suvarna Bhavsar family partially sponsoring Ayambil Oli
  • Hitesh & Mita Shah family sponsoring partially Ayambil Oli
  • Vipul, Pravin & Daksha Katwala family partially sponsoring Ayambil Oli
  • Umeta Sambha Jain Samaj partially sponsoring Ayambil Oli
  • Chetan & Mayusha Shah partially sponsoring Ayambil Oli
JSMC invites additional Sponsorship of $1,008 or more and $1503 for full sponsorship of parna for Aaso Maas Ayambil Oli per family. Multiple families can participate.