Jai Jinendra, Pranam.

Congratulations on a successful completion of 25th Derasar Anniversary celebration! It was truly a memorable event for all attendees. With Mulnayak Shri Mahavir Swami Bhagwan’s krupa, blessings from all the Gurujis, and tremendous support from our membership there were no major issues throughout 10 days of celebration. Reception desk, Guest Hospitality, Food, Religious, Cultural, Inauguration celebrations, daily Programming, Giriraj, Ashthapadji, Parking – all areas were well executed as per the plan.

With multi-months planning, with 200+ volunteers and their countless dedicated hours of work, and with collective power of teamwork, synergy, and respect for each other – we made this initially seemed impossible event, a major success! We have been receiving lots of positive feedback from all over the world. Kudos to all the volunteers for their dedication and hard work!

We did some number analysis to see different perspectives on this event. Below are some approximate numbers based on some surveys.

# of Hours of Activity
Total hours of activity (Avg. 15 hrs a day)152
Total hours of Discourses25
Total hours of Youth Activities27
Total hours of Religious activities (Pooja, Poojan, Vidhan, Vadhamana, Bhavyatra)38.5
Total hours of inauguration ceremonies2.5
Total hours of Cultural program activities16
Total hours of Bhakti/Bhavana5

Total number of Lunches 11350
Total number of Dinners21750
Avg. number of Lunch1261
Avg. number of Dinners2175
Maximum number of Lunch (2nd Saturday)2100
Maximum number of Dinner (1st Sunday)2900

Registration & Check-ins
Total Check-ins3848
Total JSMC Members Check-ins1958
Total On the spot registration & check-ins1069

Youth Activities
Total participation in Field Trip95
Total participation in Sports Day100

Cultural Programs and JSMC Dramas
# of performances15
# of participants255

# of kids who did 108 Yatra of Giriraj25

Our intent was to cater to everyone's interest. We hope you acquired spiritual and religious nourishment from various discourses by well-known scholars and variety of religious activities. We hope you enjoyed watching various religious cultural programs including four dramas, many performances, and bhakti/bhavana. We hope you had an opportunity to do Bhavyatra of Giriraj Shatrunjay Tirth and Asthapadji Tirth. We hope you found your inner peace by visiting Exhibition - ધ્યાન મંદિર and Mahavir Swami Gallery. We hope you enjoyed variety of freshly made Jain food covering variety of ethnicity. We had planned for lots of Youth activities and we are very glad that many youths took advantage of these activities and bonded with others and made new friends. Shobhayatra (Float Procession) was amazingly well received – despite of 95+ degree temperature, many of you joined 1.5 miles Shobhayatra and participated in 12 superbly decorated floats. We were very fortunate to inaugurate Gurudev Shri Chitrabhanuji’s Living Bust (Jivant Smarak) in presence of Pramodaji Chitrabhanu, Darshan Chitrabhanu and his family.

Once again, from bottom of our heart, please accept our sincere thanks for warm support during this mega celebration. If we have hurt your feeling unintentionally, please accept our apologies and Michhami Dukkadam!


On behalf of Executive Committee and Board of Trustees

Vipul Shah      Atul Shah
President        Chairman