What is JSMC Lifetime Supporter (LtS)?

JSMC Lifetime Supporter (LtS) is a program initiated by the Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago (JSMC), a religious non-profit organization. JSMC serves over 2,200 lifetime Jain family members in the Chicago metro and surrounding tristate area. Here's what you need to know about the LtS program:

JSMC celebrates five major religious events, including Mahavir Janma Kalyaanak, Ayambil Oli (Chaitri Mas and Aso Mas), Derasar Anniversary, Paryushan, and Das Laxana Maha Parvas, as well as Diwali. Additionally, JSMC hosts various social, educational, networking, and entertainment events for its members. The organization also provides essential services to the community, such as the Pathshala, yearly annual Health Fair, monthly Medical Clinic, Food Court, Community Hall Rental, Jain Food Catering, and Obituary and Prayer Services.

Running a large-scale organization like JSMC requires significant resources. Since the pandemic, JSMC's annual operational expenses have escalated to about $1 million just to support the facility and ongoing member services.

Lifetime Supporter (LtS):
To ensure the long-term growth and sustainability of the JSMC community, the organization introduced the Lifetime Supporter (LtS) program about 10 years ago. Individuals can participate by committing as little as "a Dollar a Day" ($365 annually). In return, they receive a prestigious status as a lifetime supporter. The program has been reinvigorated in 2024 after a steady ten-year run.

Lifetime Supporter Tiers:
$365 or more: Lifetime Supporter
$500 or more: Silver Supporter
$1,000 or more: Gold Supporter
$2,500 or more: Platinum Supporter
$5,000 or more: Diamond Supporter

Lifetime Supporter Benefits
Display of all LtS active supporters' names on a Digital Display on a prominent wall in the hallway
Gifts for all LtS supporters - Prestigious Lapel Pin along with special gift with Lifetime Supporter Logo
Once a year special recognition for all Diamond and above LtS supporters during Mahavir Janma Kalyana (MJK) (or similar major events)
Once a year special recognition for all Diamond and above LtS supporters during Mahavir Janma Kalyana (MJK) (or similar major events) Preferential seating arrangements during MJK cultural program or Diwali Entertainment Program for all the Gold and above LtS supporters

Lifetime Supporter Guidelines
This is considered as a general donation and cannot be attached to any previous or future pledges or Gheeboli
Invoice will be sent out to the donor of Lifetime Supporter at signup and at the start of every calendar year
While LtS is a lifetime commitment, we understand that life circumstances may change. Donors may opt-out anytime or update the amount due to unforeseen circumstances
Minimum annual pledge of $365 (a dollar a day)

Email questions to any of the Board Members or finance@jsmcoffice.com