JSMC Potluck - December 19th

JSMC Potluck - December 19th
We are excited to announce the annual JSMC Potluck. If you like to bake or make desserts then we would love to taste your creation. Surprise Us with your Dessert making skills.
Please Make sure that the food you bring does not contain any of the following ingredients:
  1. Whole Eggs, Egg Whites, any Egg derivatives OR WHEY not sourced from Milk
  2. Any milk OR milk product with animal based Omega 3
  3. Gelatin from animal product
  4. Any food color from animal product (e.g. Red # 40)
Label your food if they are Vegan, Nuts Free OR Gluten Free. We request everyone to drop off your selected item in the dining area on Sunday December 19th at 10:45 AM.
For more information please contact Education Secretary OR Smita Gandhi