JSMC Pathshala (In Person)

In-Person Päthashalä/Registration/swamivatsalya
Sunday, February 20, 2022 @ 11:00 AM
Following the recent update from IDPH guidelines for Covid, JSMC ECBOT team has decided to have an In-Person pathshala for all levels starting this Sunday, February 20, 2022 @ 11 am. Only In-Person Pathshala option available for all levels. Mask is still mandatory for anyone visiting Derashar and all its premises.
Pathshala Registration for 2022 is open. We encourage you to take advantage of online registration. You can go to the membership portal, log on to your portal, and then register your student for 2022. If you have not created your log-on credential, please sign up on our membership portal and then register your students. All students who would like to attend Pathshala in 2022 must register. The fee for the Pathshala class is $35 per student, and the fee will go up starting March 1st, 2022 to $51 per year. Feel free to reach out to Education Secretary for any questions related to Pathshala classes.
Celebrate Birthdays, Anniversaries of life event occasions of your loved one, sponsor a Pathshala Swamivatsalya by donating $1501Partial Sponsorship of $501 per family is also welcomed. Please note if we do not receive full sponsorship of $1500 then patrons who have not RSVP'd will be charged $2 per person.
To sponsor Pathshala Lunch, contact Education Secretary or Food Secretary or General Secretary