Pujya Shri Laghurajswami Samadhi Din - Bhakti

Pujya Shri Laghurajswami Samadhi Din - Bhakti
Sunday, May 8th @ 10:00am
Shrimad Rajchandra met some monks who were deeply impressed by his understanding of the scriptures when he visited Cambay in about 1891. One monk, named Lalluji Maharaj, later known as Laghuraj Swami, had already heard of him. Laghuraj Swami also known as prabhushree gained self-relaization by getting conviction of self through the graceful lord Shrimad Rajchandra, the great philosopher and spiritualism incarnate.
By virtue of innate compassion he turned the liberation-seekers towards well beign of soul with his teaching. His benevolent in redering their rare human lives fruitful was thus supreme. Despite him being a monk and Shrimad a householder, Laghuraj Swami was devoted to Shrimad. He was not ashamed of paying homage and bowing down to Shrimad, but Shrimad discouraged this. Laghuraj Swami had whole-hearted faith in him, just as a true disciple should have in a true Guru. There is much to be learnt from Laghuraj Swami and from the correspondence and instruction he received from Shrimad.
There will be Bhakti in the Gyan Mandir from 10:00am - 12:00pm and followed by swamivatsalya.
JSMC Thanks:
  • Dinesh & Ankita Patel family for sponsoring full swamivatsalya.