JSMC Anniversary - Sattar Bhedi Pooja

Sattar Bhedi Pooja
Saturday, June 25th 2022 @ 1:00pm
Sattar Bhedi puja is a divinely oriented, musical composition. This puja is helpful in removing our sins and doshas. This puja is an experiment for the purification of our minds. For hundreds of years, this puja has been performed with raga-ragini in Jain temples. In this puja, Shri Jineshwar Bhagwan is worshipped with 17 different objects. The explanation of each of these objects for which it is presented as a symbol has been made in a way that facilitates the general public. As kesar pooja is a symbol of kevalgyan; Jal Pooja is the symbol of endless bhavasagar; to imagine the fruits of salvation from fal pooja; to yearn for the anahari pad from the naivedya puja. By doing this pooja sadhana with emotion, the achievement is achieved sooner or later.
We have created very limited Laabh for this pooja, click here to sign up.
For more info contact Religious Secretary