Das Laxana Mahaparva


Das Laxana Mahaparva

Wednesday, August 31st - Friday, September 9th

Shashtri Shri Sanjaykumar Jain is an experienced and well-renowned scholar of Jainism from Kota, Rajesthan, India. He graduated with Shashtri and Acharya Degree from Rajasthan University. He has earned wide name throughout the country as a Jain scholar for his thorough study of Jain tenets, preaching of Jainism and his full time association with Tirthdham Mangalayatan, Aligarh, India. He has conducted more than 50 Panchkalyanak Pratishthas, including temples at London, Phoenix, Toronto and has also conducted over 600 Vidhans. He also teaches Aagams to students at Bahubali Gurukul, Hastinapur and Shri Todarmal Smarak Jaipur.

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