Gautam Swami Poojan

Shree Gautam Swami Poojan

Saturday, August 27 @ 12:39pm

The first and main disciple of Bhagawän Mahavir Swami, revered Shree Guru Gautam Swami compiled sermons of Bhagawän Mahavir into Ägam Shastra.


We are pleased to have Guru Gautam Swami Poojan conducted by Shri Ashish Mehta along with his melodious music group. There will be 45 Pithika as a representation of 45 Ägam. Each Pithika will have a Gautam Swami poojan yantra that laabharthi can take home. You will also get a laabh dedicating 45 Aagams and representation of footprints (ચરણપાદુકા) of Gautam Swami in the poojan for a fixed Nakro. Sponsorship for 3 main pithikas is $504/pithika and small 45 Pithika is $75.00/pithika. Pooja clothes are required. Reserve your pithika today by clicking the button below.


Pooja related questions, contact the Religious Secretary or Jt. Secretary

Shri Gautam Swami Poojan