Tapasvi Bahuman

Tapasvi Bahuman

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Tapasvi Amar Raho!  Tapasvi No Jai Jaikar!


The Tap bal of our Tapasvis is increasing every day and benefiting our entire Sangh. This year we had record breaking 110 registered Tapasya's so far that included 1 68 Upvaas, 1 30 Upvas, 6 Varsitaps, 2 16 Upvaas, 3 11 Upvaas, 5 10 Upvaas, 7 9 Upvaas, 64 Atthais and many more. We are anticipating many more during the Das Laxana Mahaparva.


A sponsorship opportunity is available for $5,004, contact EC/BOT Member. 

Tapasya Registration

On behalf of our entire sangh we request all Tapasvis to give us an opportunity (laabh) to do Anumodna of your Tapasya. This is the last chance to register your Tapasya. If you have already filled the form during Paryushan OR Das Laxana then you DON'T have to fill it again.

For more information contact any Committee Member

Register your Tapasya