Karaoke Event is Canceled

Karaoke Event is Canceled

Saturday, March 11th @ 6:30pm

Once again, JSMC is coming up with a fun-filled evening of Karaoke music and Antakshari games.  This is your opportunity to shine on a stage and be a star of the night OR just have a fabulous evening of playing the traditional game of Antakshari with a twist OR just be there to cheer our in-house singers!!


When: Saturday, March 11th @ 6 :30pm

Where: @JSMC

Fees: General admission- $10, For Karaoke singers - $5 per song


The following are some guidelines to maintain fun and discipline throughout the evening:

  • Singer(s) or Group will pay $5 per song including duet or group song.
  • Open to members of all ages.
  • Only a total of 30 entries will be accommodated – first come first serve!
  • The event will be ON only if we receive minimum of 15 entries.
  • One person can only sing up to 2 songs (solo, duet, or group song)
  • Order of the songs for the entire evening will be selected on a random basis ahead of time, using a draw system.
  • You can use Meragaana.com to select the track, submit your Karaoke track via a Youtube link or attach an MP3 track when you register.
  • Rounds and structure of the game of Antakshari will be planned by the event planning team.


For more information, please contact Vice President