JSMC 30th Anniversary Celebration

JSMC 30th Anniversary Celebration

Friday, June 16th to Sunday, June 25th 2023

We are happy to announce celebration of our Derasar's 30th Anniversary. The celebrations will start from Friday, June 16th thru Sunday, June 25th. We invite you and your family to join this celebration, please find below a tentative schedule for the 30th anniversary program.

Shastri Shri Sanjaykumar Jain is an experienced and well-renowned scholar of Jainism from Kota, Rajasthan, India. He has earned a wide name throughout the country as a Jain scholar for his thorough study of Jain tenets, preaching of Jainism and his full-time association with Tirthdham Mangalayatan, Aligarh, India. He has conducted more than 50 Panchkalyanak Pratishthas. He also teaches Aagams to students at Bahubali Gurukul, Hastinapur and Shri Todarmal Smarak Jaipur.

Shri Champakbhai Mehta has been a constant guiding light for our members and a philosopher and guide who has guided our members on the path of Jainism. He studied Jain Philosophy for 4.5 years at Shrimad Yashovijayji Jain Sanskrit Pathshala, Mehsana, Gujarat - a foremost institution, imparting education in Jain Philosophy and Rituals for the last 105 years. Many scholars from this Päthashäla are teaching the Jain religion all over the world. Shri Champakbhai has been teaching Jain Philosophy, Scriptures and sutras in many Sanghs for the past 25 years. He has conducted Paryushana, Oli and Pujan in various centers across USA.

Shri Niravbhai Sanghvi, from Mumbai, and grandson of renounced Vidhikar Shri Babubhai Kadiwala. He specializes in performing different poojans and as Girnar Sadhak deeply involved in performing Shri Girnarji Navvanuprakari puja and Bhavyatra. He also launched CD album "Aadeswar Dada 18 stavan with 18 Abhishek vidhi".

Shri Karnikbhai Shah is a versatile singer singer doing various musical programs and Paryushan internationally for the last 24 years. He was awarded Shri Hariharan Award in 1997. He has composed over 150 Sugam Sangeet Songs. He has published his CDs and DVDs with Jain Stavans and Sugam Sangeet.

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